Armed Forces Ministry Orders 14 Amphibious Landing Craft
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued Jan 31, 2019)
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The French Navy’s new landing craft will be based on the CNIM’s LCA design and will replace the previous generation of landing craft, known as the CTM. The contract is worth €65 million. (CNIM image)
Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, welcomes the order of 14 amphibious landing craft, essential links of amphibious helicopter carriers. This modernization contributes to the rise of our forces, consistent with the ambition of the military programming law 2019-2025.

The Directorate General of Armament (DGA) of the Ministry of the Arms has notified the CNIM company on January 16, 2019 the design and manufacture of 14 new standard amphibious landing gear (EDA-S) intended for the French Navy. In particular, they will equip the fleet of amphibious helicopter carriers (PHA) of the Mistral class.

The € 65 million contract has been the subject of a European public appeals procedure and includes, in addition to the acquisition of the vessels, five years of support.

These new craft will replace several types of ships currently in service. Eight EDA-Ss are destined for the Toulon amphibious flotilla to replace the existing navy barges. They will constitute the shipboard on board the PHA, in addition to fast amphibious landing gear (EDA-R) already in service. The other six EDA-S will be deployed overseas to replace various logistic lanes in Djibouti, Mayotte, New Caledonia, the West Indies and Guyana.

28 meters long, these steel monohulls, with four crew members, have a "Roll On - Roll Off" type architecture: their two doors allow vehicles to be boarded either from the front or the rear. back on a working bridge occupying the entire length of the ship. They will be able to carry most of the Army's vehicles, including the heaviest such as the Leclerc tank.

The delivery of the EDA-S will take place from 2020. The production will be carried out by the French shipyard SOCARENAM, subcontractor of CNIM for this project. This order will reinforce nearly 200 jobs at CNIM, SOCARENAM and their subcontractors.


CNIM Teams Up with MAURIC for the Design and Delivery of 14 EDA-S to the French Navy
(Source: CNIM; issued Jan 31, 2019)
CNIM, acting as prime contractor, teamed up with SOCARENAM, CNN MCO and MAURIC to win the tender competition for the design and the construction of 14 EDA-S (Engins de Débarquement Amphibie – Standards) for the French Navy.

These Amphibious Standard Landing Crafts will be based on the CNIM’s LCA design and will replace the previous generation of Landing Crafts of French Navy, the CTM.

The new fleet of EDA-S for the French Navy to replace CTM Vessels

The French Ministry of Defence (DGA) launched the public tender in order to replace its fleet of CTM built in the 80’s. Six EDA-S will be in construction since the end of the summer 2019 in SOCARENAM shipyard in St Malo (France), and eight more units are planned.

The actual aim is to allocate eight EDA-S in Toulon to be deployed from Mistral-Class LHDs, and six others in overseas territories directly from French navy bases (Guyana, Mayotte, Martinique, New Caledonia and Djibouti) restoring an amphibious transport capability. The 14 EDA-S are scheduled to be delivered over a ten-year period.

EDA-S: High payload landing craft with optimized speed and manoeuvrability

This new fleet of EDA-S will be based on the CNIM LCA design (on the picture) to operate in extremely shallow waters, and to carry troops, vehicles and military equipment with a nominal payload capacity of 65 tonnes and a maximum payload capacity of 80 tonnes.

EDA-S design will be longer than the previous CTM (28.5m instead of 24m), faster (11kts instead of 8kts full load), and with a better manoeuvrability thanks to an optimized hull form and propulsion configuration (two ducted propellers and one pump-jet at bow).

The maximum speed will be 13.5kts lightship and their autonomy is up to 350nm at 11kts.

MAURIC will provide its expertise in light but robust aluminium structure design and hydrodynamics and hull form know-how.

The CNIM-SOCARENAM-MAURIC-CNN MCO quartet proved again its capability to offer innovative and efficient tailor-made solution for the French Navy after the successful delivery of EDA-R designs for which the consortium already teamed up: CNIM as main contractor, SOCARENAM as shipbuilder, MAURIC for the naval architecture and technical studies and CNN MCO for the initial maintenance.


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