First Meteor Firing Carried Out by the Rafale of the Air Force and the French Navy
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued Feb 14, 2019)
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This is the first photograph released by the French armed forces ministry of the inaugural firing of a Meteor beyond-visual range air-to-air missile from a Rafale fighter. (FR MoD photo)
PARIS --- Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, expresses her satisfaction after the success of the first two Meteor missile test firings, carried out jointly by Rafale fighters of the Air Force and the French Navy, with the support of the Directorate-General of Armaments (DGA), and congratulates the staff who contributed to this success.

On Wednesday, 13 February, at 13:30, a patrol composed of two Rafale took off from the Cazaux air base (Gironde district) to launch a first Meteor missile. At 20:00, a second firing was carried out at night.

Both firings were achieved thanks to the implementation by DGA of the test range, including security, instrumentation, target operation, and the replay of the launches from its site on Levant island, off Hyères, in the Var district.

The aircraft were operated and piloted by personnel from the Air Force Experimental Assessment Center (CEAM) and the Navy’s Airborne Experimental Center (CEPA / 10S), in close collaboration with the DGA, and which demonstrated the very high level of technicality of the joint forces.

Intended for air superiority missions, the Meteor air-to-air missile is powered by a ramjet and capable of intercepting very long-range targets. Acquired by France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden, it has a zone of assured interception far greater than that of the missiles of the same range currently in service.


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