Helge Ingstad Salvage Delayed Still Further
(Source: Forecast International; issued Feb 19, 2019)
OSLO --- The Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad that sank on November 2 following a collision with the tanker Sola TS will not now be salvaged until after Easter.

Officially, the problem is that adverse weather conditions are preventing the wrecked frigate from being raised. However, other reports from the area had suggested that the damage to the ship's hull is so bad that there is a significant danger she will break up if an attempt to raise her is made.

The projected remedy for this situation is a very carefully calculated dewatering of the hull at each stage of the ship's recovery.

Meanwhile, a legal controversy appears to be developing over the sinking of the Helge Ingstad. In a letter from Legal Director Johan W. Kvandal of the Norwegian Defense Materials Department to the Spanish shipyard Navantia, the Norwegian Navy appears to be claiming that they will use "all legal steps or claims" against both the Spanish shipyard and the subcontractors.

In his reply, Esteban Garcia Vilasanchez of Navantia says that the shipyard does not see any grounds for claims from Defense Material. He added that Norway has notified Navantia too late about any alleged deficiencies in the frigate, and that the Norwegian Navy has already waived claims relating to the frigates.


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