(Source: Croatian Ministry of Defense; issued Feb 25, 2019)
A battery of 122mm multiple rocket launchers belonging to the Croatian Army’s Artillery Missile Regiment fires multiple salvoes during an evaluation to test its combat readiness. (Croatian MoD photo)
The "Eugen Kvaternik" Training Range near Slunj on 20 February 2019 hosted the final live-fire Exercise "Vulkan 19/1", which concluded the final evaluation of combat readiness of the 4th HRVCON to EFPBG-USA prior to the deployment to Poland.

The main component of the 4th HRVCON are the members of the Artillery Missile Regiment of the Croatian Army, augmented by the members of the Support Command, of the General Staff and of the Military Police Regiment. The Contingent is to be deployed to Poland in April.

The evaluation kicked off on 18 February with the evaluation of plans and personnel and logistic readiness for the mission and continued with the in-field evaluation of the tactics, techniques and procedures in realistic situation.

The 122-mm MLRS demonstrated the following tasks: production of OPORD and other task-involved planning documents, the establishment of the C2 elements, the deployment to the area of operations, movement to the artillery area, preparation for combat operations, fire support, combat service support operations, command and control and the conduct of tasks according to the required capabilities matrix.

Other displayed capabilities included survival (force protection, NCB protection, C-IED), capability of conduct of logistic functions (maintenance, transport, supply and medical support) and establishment and operation of CIS systems during the planning, preparation and conduct phases.

"Having observed the demonstrated capabilities of the 4th HRVCON to EFP BG-USA the Croatian Army's Evaluator Team found the personnel of the components “combat ready” for deployment to within the US-led Battlegroup to NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence in Poland. The Contingent members have displayed high professionalism and commitment completing the tasks and shown they will dignifiedly represent the Republic of Croatia and its Armed Forces within the Battlegroup in Poland", said the Head of the Evaluating Team, Lieutenant Colonel Karlo Krešić of the Croatian Army's Training and Doctrine Command "Fran Krsto Frankopan."

The Head of the General Staff's Evaluator Monitor Team Colonel Mijo Kožić said after the live firing of the 122-mm MRL battery: "The evaluation featured a thorough implementation of NATO Combat Readiness Evaluation system, by the Croatian Army's Evaluator Team reinforced by evaluators of the Support Command and of the Military Police Regiment. The evaluation has demonstrated the compatibility of the Croatian Armed Forces' system with the ACO's standards. Our commendations go to the certified CREVAL evaluators for the hard work done - all documents have been properly prepared, in accordance with NATO regulations for the deployment of units to Enhanced Forward Presence".

The Commander of the 4th HRVCON Major Predrag Srđenović commended the conduct of the activity as "the foremost evaluationand training procedure for the Contingent, which took the pre-deployment training in October 2018."The members of the 4th HRVCON are ready, and have over the past two weeks demonstrated high motivation and professionalism. I am satisfied with their skills demonstrated during the Exercise and their professionalism will be displayed best in the international environment", said Major Srđenović.


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