The Submarine's Extended Arm
(Source: Swedish Armed Forces Ministry FMV; issued Feb 27, 2019)
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In the video clip, SubROV carries a craft to the submarine and then returns to the submarine.

The crews on the submarines Gotland and Södermanland have been given a tool that they can use to carry out various tasks outside the submarine.

SubROV is an underwater vehicle built as a working vessel. It has a durable plastic shell and has a modular and open design both mechanically, electrically and software-wise. This allows it to carry loads such as manipulator arms, communication buoys, sensors and various types of sonars.

Recently, FMV's product manager for underwater weapons and torpedo systems, Anders Svensson, handed over the SubROV system to the Swedish Armed Forces.

“By deploying the remote-controlled SubROV vehicle from one of the submarine's torpedo tubes, the crew can carry out various types of missions outside the submarine. It can, among other things, inspect and salvage or capture other, smaller vessels bring them back to the submarine while remaining hidden under the surface.”

Handled like a torpedo

The system has its own energy system and consists of two parts, a wet part which is installed in the torpedo tube, and a dry control unit that remains inside the submarine.

The remote-controlled submarine SubROV can perform various types of missions outside a submarine.

“The great advantage of the system is that it is designed to be handled in the same way as a heavy torpedo aboard the submarine, which means that no modification of the existing systems on the submarine is required,” says Anders Svensson.

“What the crew does is that they send out the vessel via the tube and then they communicate with it via a fiber-optic cable. This provides long reach and low resistance in the water.”


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