Fokker Sells Participation in SABCA to Dassault
(Source: SABCA; issued March 05, 2019)
SABCA has a thriving business in military maintenance and overhaul, principally but not only for Belgian military aircraft, and is developing its business in the field of drones, space systems, and integrated assemblies. (SABCA photo)
Société Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques SA/NV (SABCA) announces that it was informed that Fokker Aerospace B.V. (Fokker) has sold its entire 43.57% shareholding in SABCA to Dassault Belgique Aviation SA (Dassault) for a total price of 7,5 million euro.

As a result of this transaction, Dassault now holds 96.85% of the shares in SABCA.

Dassault confirmed that it will maintain the listing of SABCA and that it has no intention to launch a squeeze-out currently.

The transparency notifications from Fokker and Dassault pursuant to Article 14 of the law of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of large shareholdings will be published in due time.

SABCA is a tier 1 worldwide leading multi-technology aerospace supplier. Serving the world’s leading aircraft and space launchers manufacturers, SABCA designs, develops, manufactures and maintains aircraft and launcher components and systems. The company asserts its expertise in 4 markets –Integrated Assemblies, Actuation Systems, MRO and Unmanned Systems, and achieved a turnover of 217 million euros in 2017.

SABCA’s Unmanned Systems Business Unit builds on the experience gained since 1920 to offer a range of services such as drone design, payload and systems integration, ground-and flight testing, drone qualification and certification, operations and inspection, maintenance, and repair activities. The company, which is listed on the Euronext stock market, conducts operations in the three Belgian regions and has one facility in Morocco.


Dassault Acquires Fokker's Stake in SABCA
(Source:; posted March 05, 2019)
PARIS --- France’s Dassault Aviation has acquired the Dutch Fokker Group’s 43.57% shareholding in SABCA, a Belgian aerospace company that is a subcontractor to Airbus and Dassault, for €7.5 million.

Dassault, which already held a 52.96% stake, will now own 96.53%, with the rest remaining in free float on the Brussels stock exchange, as the French company has no plans to launch a public offer for the remaining 3.47%. The sale was first reported by the French weekly Air & Cosmos.

Dassault paid a very low price for nearly half the company – about 3% of its annual sale for 43% of its equity – especially as SABCA is in full recovery mode, is active in four aerospace market sectors, and has become a "best-in-class" supplier for Airbus and Dassault. Its military maintenance business is also flourishing. It employs 1,110 people and in 2017 had a turnover of 217 million euros.

SABCA has also undertaken a diversification in drones and multiplies agreements with partners in order to broaden its scope of activities and skills.

Interestingly, the company will also be eligible to bid for the limited support opportunities promised to Belgian industry by Lockheed Martin to offset Belgium’s purchase of F-35A fighters.

It will be interesting to see a Belgian company 96% owned by Dassault competing with other Belgian companies for F-35 work, and it will perhaps be even more interesting to see whether, and how, Lockheed will maneuver to constrain SABCA’s access to these contracts.


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