Russian Military Shifts Tigr Armored Vehicle Procurement Primarily to Upgraded Tigr-M Model
(Source: Forecast International; issued March 14, 2019)
by Dean Lockwood
Serial production of the GAZ/VPK-2975 and GAZ/VPK-2330 series of vehicles is ongoing for domestic procurement by the Russian Army and MVD, as well as for export.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is currently undertaking an ambitious and vast program of military-technical modernization across all branches of the Russian armed services.

Although the Russian government remains committed, perhaps now more than ever, to the acquisition of advanced military hardware, reports suggest that the 2016-2025 State Armaments Plan accounts for the new realities of Russia’s economy.

Reports from the Russian military and press on the delivery of Tigr series vehicles remain sporadic. They nevertheless provide a reasonably clear picture of the scale of Tigr procurement.

Although deliveries of some specialized CTC Tigr variants are likely, the Russian military now appears to have shifted procurement primarily toward the upgraded Tigr-M model.

The Tigr’s relatively low unit cost, modest production rate, and level of importance in the military’s light vehicle modernization plans are likely to insulate the program from the most severe effects of Russia’s new budgetary restraints.

Moderate Export Potential

The Forecast International Weapons Group believes the Tigr series of vehicles will achieve a modest level of success on the export market, particularly among the traditional client base of Russian defense products in the Middle East, Africa and South America.

In particular, the SPM-1 and SPM-2 models that form the cornerstone of the Russian MVD’s Tigr inventories have proven particularly attractive due to their suitability for both law-enforcement agencies and the military. They have already been deployed with a number of interior ministries and security forces internationally.


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