Japan, U.S. to Develop New Radar System for Aegis Warships (excerpt)
(Source: Mainichi Japan; posted March 17, 2019)
WASHINGTON --- Japan and the United States are working toward the joint development of a new radar system for Aegis-equipped U.S. Navy warships, as part of efforts to improve defense capabilities, diplomatic sources said Sunday.

The coordination by the two countries for the plan aimed at combating new weapons, including hypersonic missiles being developed by China and Russia, has entered the final phase, the sources said.

Japan, which also faces nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, is hoping to strengthen its security alliance with the United States through the joint development.

Japan regards the envisioned joint development as important to its defense. But the country's involvement in the project could cause concerns about it being seen as encouraging an arms race between major powers, some observers said.

Japan's development together with the United States of the SM-3 Block 2A interceptor was completed this month and it has moved into production. (end of excerpt)

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Japan to Develop Air-to-Ship Long-Range Cruise Missiles
(Source: Japan Today; posted March 18, 2019)
TOKYO --- Japan has decided to develop for the first time air-to-ship long-range cruise missiles to be carried by fighter jets and capable of attacking a warship from outside the range of an enemy's weapons, government sources said Sunday.

The plan is aimed at boosting Japan's deterrence by extending the shooting range to more than 400 kilometers as China has been improving its naval capabilities, the sources said.

The forthcoming development will be based on Japan's supersonic XASM-3 air-to-ship missiles, which are said to have a range of not more than 200 km, they said.

The Defense Ministry will include expenses necessary for the new project in its draft budget at an early date.

In January, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in the Diet that he believes long-range cruise missiles are not weapons banned under the Constitution.

However, Article 9 of the Japanese supreme law renounces war as a sovereign right of the state, banning the possession of military forces and other "war potential."


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