Success Story: Fire Retardant Blast Mitigation for Sea Vessels
(Source: US Naval Sea Systems Command; issued March 26, 2019)
Triton Systems Blast mitigation technology provides force and infrastructure protection by preventing fragmentation and wall collapse and incorporates fire retardance that is non-halogenated, meets environmental standards, is non-volatile, non-migrating, highly flame retardant and melt-processable, and requires minimal change to the mechanical properties of its host plastic.

This blast mitigation technology transitioned to the Navy, Air Force, and Department of Homeland Security for applications requiring critical asset protection against blast threats.

This technology enabled the founding of a spinoff company, FRX Polymers. The spinoff company is executing over 50 market development programs with leading chemical suppliers.

Most importantly, the technology that began with an initial $524,000 SBIR investment, transitioned through SBIR Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III to solve a warfighter challenge.


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