The Submarine Gotland Resurface After an Extensive Mid-Life Upgrade
(Source: Swedish Armed Forces Ministry FMV; issued March 19, 2019)
The first Gotland Class submarine are back in her right element - beneath the surface.

During the last few months, the submarine Gotland has completed the first part of the sea-trials after a substantial upgrade program that started in late 2015.

The sea-trials have shown that the submarine is back as a state-of-the-art AIP-submarine. Many new systems are developed for the new A26 type submarines.

This enables an early integration of modern technology and you might describe it as a submarine with A26 technology disguised into a Gotland Class boat.

The upgrade program will cater for the submarines to remain in service through 2030, and beyond.

The sea-trials will continue throughout the spring/early summer.


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