UK MoD Foreign Operations Costs
(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued April 05, 2019)
The Net Additional Costs of UK Military Operations from financial years1998-99 to 2017-18 can be found at annex A. These figures are for the Net Additional Cost of UK Military Operations and Peacekeeping Programme Expenditure.

The totals include Resource Departmental Expenditure Limits (RDEL), Capital Departmental Expenditure Limits (CDEL) and Annually Managed Expenditure (AME).

Net additional costs are costs, over and above existing funding, that the department would not have otherwise incurred but for undertaking that activity. These are not the same as marginal costs (which reflects the cost of the activity) as the department is already funded to deliver a certain level of operational activity and this funding should be consumed first.

Only net additional costs can be charged to the Deployed Military Activity Pool (DMAP) or Special Reserve. The DMAP exists to provide initial funding for emergent military activity in support of the UK’s security, diplomatic and aid priorities as endorsed by the National Security Council (NSC).

Activity funded from the DMAP includes the UK contribution to counter illegal trafficking in the Aegean, military planning assistance to allies and International Organisations, support to allies’ operations to counter-terrorism in Africa, initiating the UK contribution to NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence, and counter-Daesh activity.

The Special Reserve is designed to meet the costs of large scale and/or enduring military operations as directed by the NSC. The Special Reserve is funded by Government borrowing and both the MOD and the Treasury must ensure that charges are minimised and deliver best value for money wherever possible. In line with DMAP, only the true net additional costs can be charged.

Click here for the full report (3 PDF pages) on the UK MoD website.


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