N. Korea 'Building New Ballistic Missile Submarine' (excerpt)
(Source: Digital Chosun; posted April 05, 2019)
By Yang Seung-sik, Yu Yong-weon
North Korea is building a new 3,000-ton submarine capable of launching ballistic missiles, a senior military spokesman here said Thursday.

"A large quantity of components presumably needed to build a 3,000-ton sub, which the North has been developing, have turned up recently at a shipyard in Sinpo, South Hamgyong Province," the spokesman said. "We've also spotted a floating dock deployed off Sinpo, apparently for a missile test."

Google Earth satellite imagery from March 2 shows piles of cylindrical components and materials presumed to be submarine bulkheads at the shipyard. None of them can be seen in satellite imagery from August last year.

Pictures also show that the facilities are well-maintained there and the floating dock, which was previously moored at the pier, is now floating offshore. "This suggests that the North has kept building a new sub and testing a submarine-launched ballistic missile," he said.

Construction seems to have been going on even as North Korea was in denuclearization talks with the U.S. (end of excerpt)

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