“Space Force” and Related DOD Proposals: Issues for Congress
(Source: Congressional Research Service; issued April 8, 2019)
Over the past year, Congress saw a variety of overlapping proposals advanced for the reorganization of U.S. military activities in space. Major proposals include:

-- the creation of a Space Force (SF), a new branch of the Armed Forces under the Secretary of the Air Force;

-- the reestablishment of a U.S. Space Command as an additional unified combatant command; and

-- the establishment of a Department of Defense Space Development Agency.

While few observers dispute the notion that the Department of Defense (DOD) should better organize and manage its space capabilities, agreement ends there. Some believe all three proposals should be adopted; others believe only some, if any, should become permanent institutions within DOD.

Taken together, these overlapping proposals could present considerable challenges to DOD’s functioning in one of the most critically important operational domains. (Emphasis added—Ed.)

Regardless, the concepts and details of these military space-related proposals remain unclear—if not contradictory—at this time, prompting fundamental questions about plans to reorganize DOD’s space programs, capabilities, and agencies.

Click here for the full report (3 PDF pages) on the CRS website.


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