European Military Airlifters Train in France
(Source: French Armed Forces Ministry; issued April 25, 2019)
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The 2019-3 edition of the European Tactical Airlift Program Run (ETAP-C) will take place from April 29 to May 10 from Orleans Air Force Base. Initiated by the European Defense Agency (EDA) and conducted each year jointly by the European Air Transport Command (EATC) and the Air Force, the exercise has become a benchmark for European tactical transport.

ETAP-C develops the interoperability of European air forces and the sharing of tactical transport experience, by providing military flight crews with multi-aircraft, high-level and tactical flight training. The program aims to maintain and improve operational engagement capabilities: freight transport, assault, airborne operations, delivery of equipment or food by air, evacuation of nationals ... - as many capabilities today essential to operations.

This edition of ETAP-C will mobilize on the French side: one A400M Atlas, one Casa CN235 and, for the first time, a C130-J Super Hercules. Fighter jets, air parachute commandos, tankers, an E-3F Awacs, as well as ground-based listening, jamming and ground-to-air defense capabilities will also be deployed.

On the Allied side, participants will include a Spanish C-130, an Italian C-27 and a Belgian C-130 are expected, as well as tactical instructors. Finally, the French Army’s 11th parachute brigade will add to the exercise a joint dimension.

24 missions will be scheduled over the duration of the exercise, day and night, around various advanced tactical scenarios that will expose crews to air-to-air and air-to-air threats, simulated by real weapon systems.

Also noteworthy is the use of various innovative systems developed within the Air Force, such as the SARCMIBA, MISTIC and SMOKEY SAM ground-to-air missile simulation tools or the TACVIEW collaborative tool.


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