Belarus Has Completed the Transfer of 12 Modified Russian Su-30K Fighters to Angola
(Source: TASS; published May 16, 2019)
MINSK, Belarus --- The Belarusian 558th Aviation Repair Plant (ARZ) in Baranavichy in April completed the transfer of a batch of 12 modernized Su-30K fighters to Angola. This was told to TASS at the exhibition of weapons and military equipment MILEX 2019, said Deputy Director for Development of the 558th ARZ Alexander Vorobey.

“In April of this year, two Su-30K fighters were delivered by two flights of a transport plane to Angola. Thus, the 558th ARZ completed the contract for the revision of 12 Su-30K aircraft for the Angola Air Force, which was carried out in coordination with Rosoboronexport JSC, - said Sparrow.

According to him, the Angolan Su-30K is actually refined to the level of Su-30SM fighters. They are equipped with 12 points of suspension of aviation weapons and can use guided aircraft missiles such as anti-ship X-31A, anti-radar X-31P, air-to-air class RVV-AE.

To protect against high-precision weapons, each Angolan fighter is equipped with a satellite jamming station, developed by the 558th ARZ. This station operates in the frequency range of 8-12 GHz, in which the homing heads of air-to-air weapons are operating.

Along with the Angola air force fighters, they received a flight simulator and a training class from Belarus. "The operation of the Su-30K fighters in Angola is currently provided by the warranty team of our plant," said a representative of the 558th ARZ.
The contract for the Su-30K

Su-30K fighters were delivered to India under a 1996 contract. Russia took them under the trade-in scheme and offered them to a number of African countries. In 2013, Angola acquired 12 cars, for six more Rosoboronexport is still looking for a buyer.

The Belarusian 558th ARZ was chosen to fulfill the contract for the modernization of fighters for Angola, since back in the Soviet years it was the lead contractor for the repair of Su-27 fighters (on the basis of which the Su-30 was created).


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