(Source: Puget Sound Business Journal; posted May 21, 2019)
By Andrew McIntosh
A KC-46 tanker uses its hose and drogue system to refuel a US Navy F-18 Hornet; this secondary system is used to refuel non-US Air Force aircraft and helicopters. (Boeing photo)
Boeing delivered three KC-46 aerial refueling tankers to the Air Force this month, bringing the number of deliveries for the jets to 11.

The specially modified and militarized Boeing 767-airframe based jets that are built in Everett and flight-tested in Seattle.

One KC-46 was delivered Friday to McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas, and two others were sent to Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma on Saturday, Boeing KC-46 tanker program spokesman Chick Ramey said.

“We are seeing a lot of good progress on the program with the deliveries this weekend," Ramey said in an email. "Feedback from Air Force operators has been very positive to date.”

The three deliveries stands to generate approximately $477 million in revenue for Boeing this quarter. However, the Air Force has withheld $28 million payments per jet that doesn't meet technical specifications outlined for the first 52 deliveries. (end of excerpt)

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