Furious Lawmakers Aim to Block Trump's Saudi Arms Sales (excerpt)
(Source: The Hill; posted May 29, 2019)
By Rebecca Kheel
Lawmakers who are furious about President Trump’s decision to circumvent Congress and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf allies are now searching for a way to thwart the sale.

Experts say legislative options exist despite Trump’s move to invoke emergency powers that waive a congressional review period for the deals. But any attempt to block the president faces an uphill battle in a divided Congress.

Still, arms control advocates are hopeful the issue has ignited enough bipartisan outrage for lawmakers to take action.

“Congress blocking an arms sale like this would be pretty much unprecedented, but given that both the House and Senate approved Yemen War Power Resolutions, including with the support of Republicans in both the House and Senate, I believe the chance of a blocking action is high,” Jeff Abramson, a senior fellow at the Arms Control Association, said in an email. (end of excerpt)

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