Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu Holds Teleconference with Leadership of Armed Forces
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued June 04, 2019)
Today the National Centre for State Defence Control in Moscow hosted another teleconference of Defence Ministry chaired by the General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

When opening the session, Defence Minister recalled that summer training year began in the Russian Armed Forces on June 1.

Sergei Shoigu noted that it includes more than 3,500 major combat training events. The most important of them will be the Centre 2019 strategic command and staff exercise planned for September.

The training year will end with control events for all categories of military personnel.

For formations, military units with high results of combat training, inspections will be organized for the right to assign the name “shock units” to them.

The attendees also discussed other issues on the agenda.

The first concerned the improving the orbital group of military spacecraft.

In particular, the manufacture of the Bars-M observation and mapping satellite, developed by the Progress rocket and space centre.

The Minister of Defence explained that at the May meetings in Sochi, the President of Russia was reported on the state of affairs regarding the production of the satellite. The Supreme Commander-in-Chief set the task before December 1 to complete the creation of this satellite.

The meeting considered how this task is being implemented.

Then there was a discussion of the implementation by Uralvagonzavod of state contracts for the supply and overhaul of armored weapons in the interests of the Ministry of Defence.

This year, the Russian Armed Forces has already received more than 400 new samples of weapons and military equipment.

Among them are T-72B3M tanks with sighting and observation complexes, T-90M tanks, T-80BVM and IFV-1AM infantry fighting vehicles.

In addition, the factory is developing the latest T-15 infantry fighting vehicle on the Armata platform with the Kinzhal combat module and the 57-mm gun.

The Minister of Defence said that its prototype will be shown at the International Military and Technical Forum in June.

The next issue on the agenda was the summing up of the international activities of the Ministry of Defence in the first half of the year, the appointment of tasks in this area before the end of the year.

Sergei Shoigu stressed that in the past period special attention was paid to expanding ties with the CIS countries, strengthening the collective forces of the CSTO, the military component of the SCO member states, and fulfilling commitments in the field of arms control. We continue to promote a political settlement in Syria.

The Minister of Defense cited such figures - over five months, about 800 international events were implemented. This is almost half planned for the current year. Negotiations were held with the heads of 17 defence ministries, a basis was created for further strengthening mutually beneficial contacts.

An important step in this work was the VIII Moscow Conference on International Security, which gathered 77 official delegations, more than 1,000 participants from 111 countries and 7 international organizations.

The Minister of Defence paid special attention to the two upcoming events, which from year to year attract an increasing number of specialists and ordinary visitors.

They are International Army Games and The Army International Military and Technical Forum.

The 5th ARMY 2019 International Military and Technical Forum will be held from June 25 to 30 at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre.

Over 100 delegations from foreign countries will gather at it, officials from more than 130 defence departments are expected to arrive.

According to preliminary estimates, almost 3,000 companies will present their products.

Preparations for the events are actively underway.

Sergei Shoigu proposed to focus on the program of the forum in terms of military-technical cooperation.


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