Patroller: Moving Towards Certification
(Source: French Ministry of Defence; issued June 18, 2019)
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On June 13th, Patroller's tactical UAV system (SDT) completed its first industrial qualification flight at the DGA’s Istres flight test center. This tactical reconnaissance system completes the French Army's range of capabilities. Next step: technical and operational evaluations at delivery in October 2019.

This first flight initiates a system performance check cycle for certification, a milestone in innovation and battlefield intelligence for the Army.

The first three systems will initially be operated by the 61st artillery regiment (61st AR), an expert drone unit of the French Army, with over 60 years of experience in implementing systems in operation.

With a payload of 250 kg, 14 hours of endurance and a range of 150 km, the Patroller aims to replace the interim tactical drone system, and will offer a new image-based intelligence capability, that is both more powerful and more modular, to support troops at the deep tactical level -- up to 150 km.

An army of 1000 drones

Integrated into the SCORPION bubble, the Patroller will be a major player in collaborative combat, able to contribute to strikes beyond the horizon and to cooperate with helicopters on the battlefield.

The drone will complete the range of capabilities of the Army: nano and micro drones for contact units, mini drones for the support of the tactical combat groups, and Drogen special mission mini-drones for combat engineers.


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