Italy Restores Funding for CAMM ER Air-Defense Missiles
(Source:; posted June 21, 2019)
PARIS --- After hesitating for over a year, Italy has decided to restore funding for the CAMM Extended-Range short-medium-range air-defense being developed by MBDA.

Italy’s Rivista Italian Difesa reported yesterday that, according to a multiyear defense planning document it was shown, CAMM-ER will receive a symbolic €1 million this year, followed by €10 million in 2020 and €15 million in 2021.

The program is due to be completed by 2024, and Italy’s share will have cost €95 million euros by then, according to the document.

The first two firings are expected to take place this year, RID reports.

This is a development of major importance for MBDA Italia, which is the local contractor for the system. The CAMM-ER is attracting interest from a number of countries, including Spain, Poland, Pakistan ad Qatar, notably because of its unusual short/medium-range capabilities.


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