Brazilian Air Force Preparing for Arrival of New KC-390 Multi-Mission Aircraft
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued July 23, 2019)
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The Brazilian Air Force is preparing to take delivery by the end of the year of its first KC-390 tanker/transport aircraft, and will shortly begin the first training courses. The first aircraft will be based at Anapolis air base, and operated by Wing 2. (FAB photo)
The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) is preparing to take delivery of its new multi-purpose military transport aircraft, the KC-390. The teams involved in the operation of the new aircraft begin, from July, the theoretical and practical training aimed at the airmen of the first crew. The courses will take place during the second semester of 2019, in two stages: operational and maintenance.

“As is the case with every aircraft acquisition process, the manufacturer is the mentor of the theoretical and practical courses to be taught to the first crew members, so that they can pass this knowledge on to other crew members,” said the Commander of the First Troop Transport Group (1st GTT), Lt. Col. Aviaiator Luiz Fernando Rezende Ferraz.

Due to the aircraft's multi-mission capability, the first KC-390 pilots were selected according to the skills acquired in their original specialty, whether Fighters, Patrol, Reconnaissance or Transport. In this context, a group made up of military personnel from the various Air Force Command Organizations was created with the purpose of operationally implementing this program within the FAB. In addition to pilots, loadmasters, special equipment operators and mechanics also work in the group.

For pilots, training to operate the aircraft will cover local and en-route flights. They will be qualified for the basic job of the aircraft and to provide aerial instruction for new pilots. As for the ground crew, they will be trained for scheduled maintenance of general aircraft components; electronic and electrical components; scheduled maintenance of engines; rescue, survival and safety (SSS) components; ground operations and solution of eventual component and system failures, among others.

Since 2018, at Wing 2 in Anapolis (GO), where the new aircraft will be based, the military of the First Troop Transport Group has been working to prepare doctrinal material and regulations. In addition, they will accompany the operational development of the airplane.


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