MPs Discuss Veto of the Purchase of F-16 Block 70 Aircraft Imposed by President Rumen Radev
(Source: National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria; issued July 26, 2019)
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The National Assembly has again voted to ratify the law on the four contracts for the purchase, equipment, maintenance and services of fighters F-16 Block 70, which President Rumen Radev vetoed.

"For the ratification, there were 128 votes. Against the contracts voted a total of 73 MPs, three MPs abstained.”


Bulgaria Parliament Overturns Presidential Veto On F-16s Deal (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published July 26, 2019)
SOFIA --- Bulgarian lawmakers overturned on Friday the presidential veto of a deal to purchase eight Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter jets from United States, clearing the way for Bulgaria’s biggest military purchase since the fall of Communism.

On Monday President Rumen Radev vetoed a decision by parliament to approve the $1.26 billion deal, describing a lack of consensus on the contracts as “extremely worrying”.

The Black Sea state, a staunch Washington ally, is looking to replace its ageing Soviet-made MiG-29 aircraft after 2023 and improve its compliance with NATO standards.

Bulgaria’s government agreed the deal with the United States two weeks ago, following a long-running saga that has seen a succession of Bulgarian governments fail to make a decision on which warplane to pick. (end of excerpt)

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