RUAG Acquires Brand and Sales Rights to Hirtenberger AG’s Small Caliber Ammunition Products
(Source: RUAG AG; issued Sept.29, 2003)
BERNE, Switzerland/HIRTENBERG, Austria --- Since the defense technology activities of privately-owned Hirtenberger AG of Hirtenberg, Austria, are focused on the development and production of large caliber ammunition, the company is withdrawing from the small caliber ammunition sector. This move will also affect the handgun ammunition components that the company manufactures for the armed forces, authorities, hunters and sportsmen.

RUAG Ammotec GmbH, of Fürth, Germany, a subsidiary of Swiss-based RUAG Holding, will be acquiring the brand and sales rights to Hirtenberger AG’s small caliber ammunition products.

The move ensures that Hirtenberger AG’s customers and business partners will continue to enjoy the same levels of quality, performance and reliability from a new supplier with an outstanding track record. The “Hirtenberger” brand will be continued, and will be taking its place alongside RUAG Ammotec’s “Dynamit Nobel”, “RWS”, “Rottweil”, “Geco”, “SM” and “norma” brands.

The Hirtenberger Group operates four divisions: Automotive Safety, Ammunition, Precision Engineering and Industrial Equipment. The Group generates total sales of around EUR 70 million - more than 90% of which comes from its worldwide exports - with around 500 employees at the Group’s own sites in Hirtenberg (Austria) and Papa (Hungary).

RUAG Ammotec is a globally operating provider of small caliber ammunition for the authorities, armed forces, hunters and sportsmen. RUAG Ammotec has production facilities in Fürth (Germany), Thun (Switzerland) and Amotfors (Sweden) as well as sales companies in France, Great Britain, Austria and the United States. RUAG Ammotec is a subsidiary of the RUAG technology group.


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