Another Batch of Russian Trucks to be Shipped to Latin America
(Source: Rosoboronexport; issued Dec. 2003 web posted Jan. 21, 2004)
Rosoboronexport State Corporation has signed a contract on supply of 52 URAL trucks (with 6x6 chassis) to the Mexican Navy.

The Mexican Navy intends to use the trucks (manufactured by Ural Automobile Factory) with an increased cross-country capability in order to assist people suffered in emergency situations at the littoral areas of the Pacific and Mexican Gulf, as well as in mountain areas with complicated road environment.

For the last years, Rosoboronexport Corp had supplied to the Armed Forces of Uruguay above 400 trucks. These trucks proved to be highly efficient not only at varied road conditions in that country, but at practically no-roads environment of Africa, where they are being successfully used by the UN Uruguay contingent.

The Russian trucks feature reliability, high carrying capacity, ability to operate in practical impassibility and temperatures ranging from –50 till + 50 degrees Celsius. All these features plus competitive price explain the fact why the military of Latin America pay to them a great deal of interest.

Since quite recently, Rosoboronexport attributes a special importance to supply of equipment of dual use and civil application. In this regard, business contacts are being cultivated not only with military agencies, but with foreign business circles, big enterprises, who may act as authorized dealers of the Russian manufacturers in post-sales servicing. It is well-known fact, that the Russian equipment and materiel guarantee a hundred percent fulfillment of missions assigned, when its after-sale maintenance is secured.

The present dynamism in Russia-Latin America’s military-technical cooperation speaks in favor of its upward development trend in the future. Rosoboronexport Corp views the contract on supply the Russian trucks to Mexico as an important step towards further progress in military-technical cooperation with this country and as a prove of competitiveness of the Russian automobile industry’s products on the world markets.


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