Delivery Of A Second C-212-400 To Suriname
(Source : CASA)

CASA has delivered its second C-212-400 aircraft to the Suriname Ministry of Defence, fulfilling the contract that was signed in December 1997, to deliver two units intended for the Air Force.
; Colonel Etienne Borenveen, Defence Chief of Staff received the keys to the aircraft from the San Pablo Plant Manager, Mr. Rafael González-Ripoll. Following the signing protocol, Colonel Borenveen gave a short speech of acknowledgement to CASA personnel for their magnificent work, and encouraged the continuing cooperation between the two countries.
; The C-212-400 delivered is an aircraft configured for maritime patrol and surveillance missions, equipped with 360 degree search radar, inertial navigation system, self-protection system, as well as systems to locate and photograph offender ships.
; The Suriname Government intends to fight against illegal fishing along its coasts, and protect its territories from degradation caused by illegal mining explosions.
; The first C-212-400, with a transport version configuration, was delivered in January 1999 and has been successfully operating to this date. Added to its current transport missions, it will now have as a secondary mission the support of second aircraft in maritime patrol and border control operations.;


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