Turkey Buys 50 Black Hawk Helicopters
(Source : Sikorsky Aircraft Co.)

ANKARA, Turkey, Feb. 4, 1999 -- Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation today announced it has signed a contract with the Turkish Government to provide 50 S-70 BLACK HAWK helicopters for the Turkish Armed Forces. The contract value is more than USD500 million.
The aircraft will be procured through a direct purchase from Sikorsky, utilizing a U.S. Export Import Bank guaranteed loan to Turkey. Deliveries will begin immediately and continue through 2001.
Sikorsky Chairman and CEO Eugene Buckley said, "The contract with the Turkish Government for BLACK HAWK helicopters is further evidence that the BLACK HAWK is the world standard for utility helicopters."
Buckley went on to say that "the quality and continuous improvement built into our BLACK HAWK helicopter line helped us win this business with a valued customer. " He thanked the most senior Turkish officials for their confidence in Sikorsky on behalf of the employees of the company.
Turkey previously made three purchases of Sikorsky BLACK HAWK helicopters. In 1992, a contract was signed for the delivery of 45 aircraft to the Turkish Government. In 1988, six aircraft were delivered to the Turkish Jandarma. Sikorsky also delivered six Black Hawk helicopters to the Turkish National Police (TNP) in 1990. In addition, eight S-70 Turkish Navy SEAHAWK helicopters are on contract, with deliveries starting in 2000.
Sikorsky is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, headquartered in Hartford, Conn.


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