Hellenic Air Force To Order 60 Eurofighters
(Source : Casa ; issued March 9, 2000)

ATHENS---At a meeting in Athens on 8 March, 2000, the Greek National Security Council (KYSEA) decided to procure 60 Eurofighter aircraft for the Hellenic Air Force to be delivered between 2005 and 2009. The programme also includes an option for 30 additional aircraft.

This is a major boost to the international export status of the Eurofighter programme that follows the award of a production contract for 620 aircraft signed by the four European partner nations, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom, in 1998.

The Hellenic Air Force programme marks the first export success for Eurofighter International, the company formed to take responsability for export sales and marketing of the weapon system, established in London in November 1999. Before the formation of Eurofighter International, Dasa acted on behalf of the Eurofighter consortium working together with their European partners Alenia (Italy), BAE SYSTEMS (UK) and CASA (Spain), to secure contacts with the Greek Government agencies, Hellenic Air Force and Industry.

The Greek Government originally announced a selection decision in favour of Eurofighter in February 1999. This latest official announcement will allow the procurement process to move forward to formal contract signature. Recent discussions have focused on technical, operational and commercial details that include aspects between the Greek procurement authorities and the management agency responsible for the Eurofighter, NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA). As part of the programme Greece will be invited to become a member of the NATO Eurofighter Management Organisation (NEFMO).

Eurofighter is the most advanced 4th generation swing-role/multi-role aircraft currently available. Its competitiveness lies in the combined industrial strength and technological expertise of the four European Defence & Aerospace companies, Alenia, BAE SYSTEMS, CASA and Dasa.

Comment by Cesare Gianni, President, Eurofighter International:
"This important decision by the Greek Government paves the way for a wider co-operation in Europe. It also strengthens the possibility of the integration of the Hellenic Industry in to the process of consolidation of the European Aerospace Industry. The Eurofighter programme provides a unique opportunity to the Hellenic Air Force to achieve superior capability and maximum interoperability with the Air Forces of the Eurofighter partner nations, at the core of the NATO Security Pillar".

Comment by Filippo Bagnato, Chairman, Eurofighter International:
"The procurement of Eurofighter will provide the Hellenic Air Force with the most advanced fighter aircraft of the new generation. On behalf of the four partners of the Eurofighter consortium I make the unconditional commitment to support the forthcoming important negotiation phase to meet the strategic goals of Greece in their acquisition programme for their new combat aircraft".

(Signature of the contract is scheduled after the April 9 general elections--Editor)


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