EJ200 Engine Powers Eurofighter Typhoon in Four Major European Air Forces
(Source: Eurojet; issued June 18, 2007)
PARIS LE BOURGET/HALLBERGMOOS, Germany --- Powering the Eurofighter Typhoon, the EJ200 engine occupies an enviable position on the world stage. With more than 1,400 engines on order it is the largest new generation military engine programme currently in production. Acknowledged during international symposia as the benchmark military engine, the EJ200 delivers unprecedented levels of performance and reliability.

The EJ200 engine has accumulated 50,000 Engine Flying Hours in service with the four Nation Air Forces (Germany, UK, Spain and Italy).

The superior levels of performance of the EJ200 engine continue to impress all pilots who fly the Eurofighter Typhoon. The EJ200 delivers an outstanding thrust-to-weight ratio, high levels of endurance, low fuel consumption and super-cruise capability. Integrated digital engine control allows unrestricted thrust modulation even during aggressive aircraft manoeuvres. This capability is delivered through a combination of advanced technology and simple engine architecture.

Hartmut J. Tenter, Managing Director of EUROJET, comments: “We are very proud to deliver such an outstanding state-of-the-art product to the customer. Customer satisfaction is important in our business. The EJ200 is the benchmark military engine and is set to maintain this world-leading position”.


EUROJET Turbo GmbH is the leading European military aero-engine consortium responsible for the development, production, maintenance, support and sales of the next generation EJ200 Engines. The shareholders of EUROJET are Avio (Italy), ITP (Spain), MTU Aero Engines (Germany) and Rolls-Royce (UK).

The EJ200 Engine combines the leading technologies from each of the four European companies. The engine has been designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements (highest performance, optimum maintainability and low life cycle costs) set for next generation fighter and training aircraft.

EJ200 Programme Update:
EUROJET has successfully delivered all 363 Tranche 1 production engines by end of December 2006. The first Tranche II production engines are currently being delivered. Production engines have achieved 50,000 EFH (Engine Flying Hours) in the four-nation Air Forces and Instrumented Production Aircraft (IPA) in June 2007


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