First Firing by Eurofighter of IRIS-T Missile in Digital Mode
(Source: Spanish air force; issued March 25, 2014)
(Issued in Spanish only; unofficial translation by
On 27 February over the waters of the Gulf of Cádiz, at the 'El Arenosillo’ test center, pilots of the Spanish air force’s Centro de Armamento y Experimentación del Ejército del Aire (Air force weapons and trials center, CLAEX) successfully carried out the first firing of an IRIS-T missile as part of its digital integration on the C.16 Eurofighter Tranche 1 aircraft.

The Spanish air force has become the first operator of the Eurofighter weapon system to have fired an IRIS-T missile with digital integration, which represents a large-scale, quantum leap in that platform’s air-to air capabilities. This leap forward was made ahead of other Eurofighter air forces and of industry.

This event corresponds to one of the final steps in a process that began more than three years ago, towards which more than 50 people have been working directly or indirectly, and will be concluded by the national certification Eurofighter.

Achievements like this one demonstrate the commitment of the air force to maintaining independence in an area where only a small group of air forces are capable of working.


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