A German army Leopard 2 tank during an exercise in Germany. The tanks, which form the mainstay of NATO's armored forces, have been used by the Turkish army in its offensive against the Islamic State in Syria. (US Army photo)

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Germany’s Leopard Tanks Prove Vulnerable In Syria Combat


KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany --- The reputation of Germany’s vaunted Leopard 2 tank, which forms the mainstay of NATO’s armored forces,...

Korea to Add 12 Maritime Helicopters by 2022


South Korea will deploy 12 additional maritime choppers by 2022 to better counter growing North Korean submarine threats, the stat...

JPO Dismisses DOT&E Report on F-35 Program


The independent program review from the OSD Director of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E) is an annual occurrence, and the p...

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